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Our Goal

The goal of the Merritt Village project is to provide diverse rental and purchasing options for people looking to stay in or move to New Canaan.

We aspire to create a residential development that will help to maintain the vibrancy of the downtown area as it is an easy walk to local shops, restaurants and services. Additionally, the location of the Merritt Village within 700 ft. of the train station will be a large benefit for commuters.

Our Team

M2 Partners


M2 Partners
The S/L/A/M Collaborative

Architect/Landscape Architect/Structural

The Eisen Group
The S/L/A/M Collaborative

Architect/Landscape Architect/Structural

The S/L/A/M Collaborative
Rocco V. D’Andrea, Inc.

Land Surveyor/Civil Engineer

Rocco V. D’Andrea, Inc.
Wofsey Rosen Kweskin & Kuriansky LLP

Legal Advisors

Wofsey Rosen Kweskin & Kuriansky LLP
Frederick P. Clark Associates, Inc.

Traffic Engineer

Frederick P. Clark Associates, Inc.
Karp Associates Inc.

Owner Representatives

Karp Associates, Inc.

The Project

The Merritt will be 100% new construction located on the 3.3-acre parcel located off of Maple and Park Streets. The new Merritt Village will replace the existing Merritt Apartments that currently includes 7 structures located on the property.

The new Merritt Village will consist of four, 3.5 story, elevatored buildings. Two buildings will include 61 rental apartments and the other two buildings will include 55 condominium units, for a maximum total of 116 residences. The new one, two and three bedroom units will replace the existing 38 one, two and three bedroom apartments. The new development will provide 193 underground parking spots for owners and renters and another 19 surface spots for visitors, workers, etc.

The buildings are designed to blend in with the traditional, hometown aesthetic, incorporating materials like shingles, stone and clapboard. In addition, a majority of units will feature balconies and patios. With 50% open space, the site plan encourages community living in a pedestrian friendly, park-like setting.

The Village will appeal to existing New Canaan residents as well as to potential new residents.

Among the groups the development is looking to attract are:
  • Established New Canaan residents wishing to remain in town and seeking single-floor living
  • New Canaan “workforce” residents seeking conveniently located housing
  • Commuters wishing to live within walking distance to the train station
  • Seasonal residents either through ownership or rental
  • Younger professionals and individuals looking for an affordable entry point to New Canaan

View Aerials, Site Plans and Renderings

New Canaan Aerial
New Canaan Aerial


New Canaan Aerial
New Canaan Aerial
New Canaan Aerial

Site Plans

Merritt Village Rendering 1
Merritt Village Rendering 2
Merritt Village Rendering 3
Merritt Village Rendering 4


Before/After Images

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Before View from Park Street Entering Town
After View from Park Street Entering Town
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Before View from Maple Street Looking Soutwest
After View from Maple Street Looking Soutwest
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Before View of Park Street Driveway
After View of Park Street Driveway

The Town

"The Next Station to Heaven"

The Merritt Village will benefit the Town of New Canaan and its residents in several key areas:

Real Estate Competitiveness
  • The Merritt Village will provide greater diversity rental and purchasing options for people looking to live in New Canaan that will help the Town to remain competitive in the Fairfield County real estate market.
  • Additionally, expanding the rental market In New Canaan will help attract new buyers to help feed the single-family home market. It has been found that renters in a community often purchase a home in the town where they are currently renting.
Aging Population
  • The Village will help to accommodate New Canaan’s in-town migration and aging population, allowing them to successfully age at home by providing buildings that are fully accessible:
    single-floor living
    serviced by elevators
    located a short and easy walking distance to town
  • the security of concierge-style living available in the purchased units
Tax Revenues
  • The current tax bill for the existing Merritt Apartments is approximately $111,000 per year. With 55 condominiums and 61 rental units, the new Merritt Village should yield in excess of $1.6 million to the Town annually. This is in addition to the annual tax revenue generated from the two proposed apartment buildings.
Local Economy
  • The Merritt Village will provide New Canaan retailers with more people living within easy walking distance to downtown, providing needed patronage for local stores, shops, restaurants and the movie theater with minimal impact on parking.
Green Space and Pedestrian Friendliness
  • Designed with an emphasis on green, public spaces and pedestrian friendliness, the Merritt Village consists of 50% open space including a large lawn for games, several outdoor seating areas, and a fountain, all encouraging a community living environment.
  • The project also includes a pedestrian walkway through the property that will connect Mead Street to Maple Street with beautiful landscaping and open space areas for New Canaan residents to utilize when walking to the train and to town.
  • These buildings will meet the current LEED certification of a Silver Designation, being among the first buildings in New Canaan to be designed with an emphasis on low-impact, energy-efficient construction.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your Questions:

Q. Why are there more units than there are now?

There is a real need in New Canaan for a different type and variety of housing that the Town does not have. This project would help fulfill this need. Based on the Town of New Canaan’s own studies, New Canaan housing needs a range of housing to include those who wish to age in place or require single floor living. In our town, we currently lack the diversity in housing that will be provided by Merritt Village. We have numerous single-family homes on larger plots outside of town, and some older, multi-floor condominiums in town, along with some larger homes on medium to smaller lots, but not much in between. With one-floor living accessible by elevators and a choice between purchase or rental units, this complex will offer underground parking, a concierge for purchased units and interior and exterior community gathering spaces. Merritt Village provides a unique opportunity for our town to create the housing diversity and options so sorely needed. We have the opportunity here to hold on our existing citizens who are looking to downsize or otherwise “migrate to town”. We have the opportunity to have new post-college residents who might commute to a new job in local towns or NYC, while becoming a part of the New Canaan community. We have the opportunity to provide housing for those individuals who are transitioning in other ways. With 116 maximum units on the 3.3 acres, these apartments/condos will help span the need for a variety of housing.

Q. What will these buildings look like?

These new buildings were designed in a way to fit into the aesthetic of our town. They will have exteriors that have architecturally interesting articulation, with dormers, changing rooflines, bay windows, etc., and a mixed of exteriors such as stone, shingles, and clapboard. They are carefully positioned so that there is a communal courtyard for gathering and walking paths for easy access. The buildings have been positioned away from Park Street (40 feet further away than current buildings are) such that the viewing angle is actually lower. A developing landscaping plan includes ample green landscape screening to soften and minimize the view from neighbors.

Q. Will traffic be a concern?

M2 Partners, the developers of Merritt Village, have hired a well-respected traffic engineer in Mike Galante of Frederick P. Clark Associates. He and his firm have previously worked numerous times in Town and have publicly stated “there will be no change in service.” Additionally, at M2 Partners’ cost, the Town of New Canaan will hire an independent traffic engineer to review the data and the results that have been submitted.

Q. Why does the project have 3.5 stories?

There currently exist buildings on the site that are 48 feet tall. We are asking for buildings that would be an additional 4 to 6 feet in height that will be less noticeable from the streets. The new building will be located approximately 70 ft. from Park Street verse the current 25 ft. setback required so that, visually, the new buildings will appear less tall in height. Additionally, in order to place the parking underground (6 to 8 times more expensive than surface parking) and gain the 50% open and green space, build the buildings with elevators, use high quality building materials and a public walk through the property, the new buildings need to be four stories to make the project economically viable.

Aerial photo of New Canaan

Q. Will my current condominium have its value affected?

With approximately 850+ existing condominium units in New Canaan, the 60 units (maximum) in Merritt Village represents only about 7% of the stock. These new units are unique in that they offer one floor living, with elevators and underground parking, so they will likely appeal to a specific set of buyers.

Q. What will be the Impact on Schools?

Historically, based on the size of the proposed units and the type and style of complex, there should be little to no impact on the schools. The impact on schools is based on both local and national data. This was similar to the issue raised when Avalon came to town 12+ years ago, and history has shown there was no adverse impact to the school system. Currently at Merritt, there are children who live in the complex and under the Fair Housing Act we cannot and will not discriminate.

Contact Us About the Merritt Apartments

We are maintaining an inquiries list to contact as we near completion.
Feel free to contact us by phone or send us a note using the form below.
Anticipated availability of the one- and two- bedroom rental units is late 2019,
and the one-, two- and three- bedroom condominiums for purchase will be available in 2020.
We look forward to hearing from you.